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We have a large selection of all kinds of high quality, ready-to-use building and construction materials and supplies. If we are out of stock or you need a specialty item, please fill out a request form at our retail store and we will notify you when the item is available.
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Are you looking for a special item? We have an ever changing inventory. We'll be glad to let you know when that item comes in to our store! Click Here for an Item Request.
Our stock is always changing, but we usually have these items in the store:

image Lumber
We have a large selection of lumber of many dimensions: 1x, 2x, plywood and particle board, MDF, and moulding.
image Hardware
We have nuts and bolts, screws, nails, washers, hinges, lock sets, drawer pulls, and door knobs.
image Doors
Exterior and interior, closet and shower sliders, patio sliders and screen doors, french doors, casings, of various materials.
image Fencing
Fencing including chain link, gates, gate hardware, and fencing sections, besides lumber suitable for fencing.
image Cabinetry
We have all kinds of cabinetry for kitchen and bath, workbenches, counter tops, bookshelves, desks and chairs.
image Windows
We usually have wood sash windows with multi-panes, aluminum, vinyl, skylights, storm windows, and more.
image Flooring
Carpet, linoleum, tile, hardwood, snap together, and carpeting of various colors and patterns.
image Plumbing
Heartwood has all kinds of plumbing supplies from fixtures, fittings, sinks, tubs, pipes, and more.
image Piping
We often have a large variety of pipe such as PVC, ABS, electrical conduit, metal and steel conduit, steel pipe, and pipe fittings.
image Electrical
Light fixtures, glass globes, fluorescent lights and bulbs, regular and ceiling fans, electrical covers, switches, boxes, outlets, wiring, thermostats, more.
image Appliances
Washers and dryers, dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators of different sizes and colors and types..
image Paint and Finishes
Paints and finishes in many colors, types and amounts. Quarts, gallons, and five gallons sizes, interior and exterior latex, and stains.
image Special Items
Many handcrafted, special items made by local craftspeople for home and garden. Here you will be inspired by the creativity of gifted recyclers!
image Finish Trim
Wood and MDF molding, metal edging, sheetrock and brick molding.

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