Paint Recycling

Paint Recycling Program

Heartwood has collected usable paint, both new and used, and resold paint at a very affordable price to the public for years.

We are now a collection point for the state-sponsored recycling program known as PaintCare.  We can now take all architectural paint and paint products and either resell them or ship them to the appropriate recycling facilities.

This provides residents with an affordable and convenient system to dispose of unwanted paint leftovers.



Some things to keep in mind:

paint at Heartwood ReSources

  • We cannot take leaking cans.  We will need to mix this paint with absorbent (such as cat litter) and take the resulting dry mixture to the landfill.
  • Commercial paints, like automotive and equipment paint is not part of this program.
  • Cans need to have labels.
  • We cannot take chemicals.

Have questions?  Call Heartwood ReSources at 541-679-1777.

Fore more information on Oregon's state-sponsored PaintCare program, go to the PaintCare website.

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