Acceptable Donation Items

Your donations are tax deductible!  Here is a list of acceptable donation items:

Tubs - Sinks - Toilets

• Must be clean.
• No chips, cracks, severe strain or deep scratches.
• Toilets must be clean and complete; no broken parts.
• Odd colors accepted at staff discretion.
Low flow 1.6 gallon per flush or less.
Vintage sinks, toilets and claw foot tubs accepted in restorable condition.

Lumber and Trim

• Minimum length 4’ in usable condition.  Shorter pieces sorted into firewood length.
• Lumber with nails accepted at staff discretion. Must be de-nailed enough for safe handling.
• Lumber with no infestations, dry rot, mold or excessive paint peeling.
• Plywood sheets-1/4 sheet and larger. Not warped, delaminated or have rotten edges.

Miscellaneous Items

• Hardware and tools.
• Sheet goods (half-sheets OK). No warped or moisture damaged pieces.
• Vinyl flooring.
• Floor and wall tile.
• Drapery hardware.
• Furnaces less than 5 years old, in working condition.
• Appliances less than 5 years old. Clean and in good working condition.


• Appliances accepted at the retail store at staff discretion.
• Wood stoves post 1986 and DEQ certified.
• Baseboard heaters (newer styles with radiant oil heat only).


• Double pane vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows with seals intact. Fogged/broken seals not accepted.
• Multi-pane wood frame windows.
• Fixed-pane windows over 25 sq. ft. at staff discretion.


• Container must have manufacturer's label.
• Paint must be liquid and containers at least 3/4 full.
• No rusty or leaking containers.

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