Heartwood Mission

Our Mission and Overview

Heartwood is a subsidiary of NeighborWorks Umpqua (previously Umpqua Community Development Corp) and fulfills an environmental stewardship and economic development strategy designed to reduce the impact on the county's landfill. At the same time, we provide low cost building supplies to residents of Oregon, helping to keep home rehab and energy costs affordable for low and moderate income people, as well as a resource for professional builders, contractors, and craft enthusiasts.

More than just a store that sells reclaimed building materials, Heartwood carries wide variety of both new and used materials for crafts, art projects and remodeling projects, and we employ residents of Douglas County who may otherwise find it hard to find work, thus contributing to the economic health of the area.

Heartwood also encourages reduction in landfill by making recycling economically sensible - all reclaimed materials can be donated to Heartwood for a tax-deductible receipt.

We encourage you to learn more: stop by the store, meet the staff and join us for special events.

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