About Heartwood

Heartwood ReSources is...

a nonprofit deconstruction and salvage company, and is seen by the community as a leader in the use and re-use of building materials.

Established in October 2001 to enhance the livability of our greater Douglas County, Heartwood provides affordable building materials, jobs and job training, public education on environmental stewardship, and promotes the retention of affordable housing.

The deconstruction of homes, barns, and buildings and the salvage of wood and many other home improvement materials for resale is reducing the impact on our local landfill. Reselling salvaged materials also provides affordable lumber and materials for low-income households who wish to build, repair, or renovate their homes.

Heartwood's activities have enabled the creation of jobs, which are primarily focused toward TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) beneficiaries and the formerly incarcerated.

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